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A truly homegrown business


The focus of the Ballytrim Pantry menu is always the vegetables that are grown in our walled garden – which is literally 30 steps from the door of the Pantry Kitchen. 

Each week we offer a different menu - taking our lead from what is available in the garden - with dishes typically ranging from wholesome cottage pie to creamy nettle risotto.


We make everything fresh on Thursdays so when it reaches your table (whether you collect from us on Thursday or we deliver to you on Friday) you can be sure that it will be briming with taste and goodness.


Ballytrim dishes are what I call ‘proper home cooked food’.  I make my own stocks and sauces from fresh local ingredients and source my meat and fish from local suppliers in County Down.  My family are my taste and quality controllers – and believe you me they are hard to please.  


My Kitchen is operated to the highest standards in commercial food hygiene and I am delighted to say that we hold a 5 Star Hygiene Rating.